How do you deal with frustration, anger, disappointment, or just a really bad mood?  We have all been there!  For the most part, we are able to control our emotions but there are some times when things get a little too overwhelming.  Some contributing factors that affect our disposition include: hunger, sleep deprivation,  ill, difficult relationships, lack of money, job security, alcohol, or  unable to solve a specific problem.  The list can be limitless.  I find that being aware of your state of mind at any given time during the day, will  help keep you stay in control.  Sometimes it helps to take a deep breath and give yourself a mental rest from the irritating situation.  Try to think of something different for a while.  Go for a walk, even if its just around your kitchen table. Go to your "happy place" in your mind, focus on what is going right!  We have no control over what life will throw at us each day, but we do have control over how we will cope.  We can choose to stay sad, angry, upset or we can choose to see it as a challenge in life.  We can choose to find a solution to our problems and hope that tomorrow is a better day!


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