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His attention is drawn to the radio announcer giving an update on the conditions around the world. “Today in the news: Brazil is still experiencing 5.5 earthquakes on the Richter scale, another tsunami with 50 ft waves is threatening the Philippines, a hurricane is expected to hit the coast of Florida at midnight tonight, a massive wild fire is out of control in California, tornadoes are ripping through the Kansas area, most of Europe is experiencing a devastating heat wave, and last but not least, China is suffering from massive mudslides and flooding caused by the never ending rain. The world is on high alert as catastrophic conditions may arise at a moments notice. Stay tuned to SRMS Radio Station for continuous updates on the current events threatening our world today”


Jacks thought to himself, humanity is fortunate that NECA was formed. The world leaders created an international alliance known as NECA (New Earth Coalition Alliance) to save humanity from its impending demise. NECA realized that it needed to put aside all its disagreements and differences to unite and find a solution for Earth's plight … a certain Armageddon. NECA united the greatest scientific minds of our time from every walk of life. People from various disciplines were gathered in Toronto, Canada to design a spacecraft that was capable of transporting thousands of people and resources to another planet in our solar sysem capable of sustaining human life.

Jacks felt that uneasy, familiar pang welling up inside the pit of his stomach as he gazed out over the raging ocean waves beating upon his beach. He bought a beautiful beach front house in a small secluded cove in Twillingate. He moved  there a few years ago so he could enjoy living in a small community and wake each morning to a breathtaking view. This same view that once instilled such a sense of peace and comfort was a distant memory. Now this view is constant reminder of dire peril the planet was about to face. Humanity has been careless in its protection of the earth and global warming is now the new harsh reality.


At The Turn of the Tides

EARTH 2119