Jay Filipe

"they Called me crazy"


They called me crazy for not condoning their irrational ideas

By understanding the simplest of life

For understanding that we are here passing through

By understanding that life is nothing more than a bus than something else, where we all walk, where everyone has their stops

For denying the temptations of their man-sucking machines

For inhibiting the sound of their voices just to avoid hearing their intrigues

By choosing to be alone rather than condoning the excessive falsehood of the mass Stories were invented

Counted in large circles surrounded by people with ears filled with wax names were assigned to me -lunatic, they said -demented, dysfunctional

They called me crazy, for the love of my art I was stoned, insulted, slanders

I suffered, all for the love of life I question!

Now what is the madman now?

Honestly, who's the crazy one now?





“I miss the rain”


Astonished are my nostalgic thoughts from when I was a child—thoughts of the days of endless rain. 

This rain that for months I no longer see

wonder where she should have gone.

A sage dressed in white told me she's not coming anymore, he said, "she doesn't like us anymore"

wonder if this is true 

 I ask when it comes, because...

my plants depend on her saddle my cattle depend on her 

I miss the rain-much 

I miss the sound of water drops on the asphalt

Of the drops running down my face

Of the rainbow she brought with 

the sound of your wind

The beautiful weather she left the in skies

Seeing the children playing in the water pots she used to leave

 I wonder when she's coming, because I miss her




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  Live on your greatness    


Sometimes the twilight of the twilight,

sometimes the leisure of the melancholy,

no mental anguish, 

no austerities, 

no obstacles, 

yet run again and again in your mind.




 "Silent Voice "                                                                    

Stressing when you feeling you're alone.

When you realize what it's like.

Just close your eyes & feel that feeling.

Nothing is your around as reliable.

What it could be, what's happening.

You're alone but nothing.

Abubakari Faraji





Your eyes  shines,
Like the evening stars
Your neck is tall,
Like the giraffes
Your face glitters,
Like gold in the sun
What more should I say

Your beauty can,
Only be compared
With the full moon.
Nobody is worth
Of praises
Like you my Lady



The pain have caused
To you
After stealing your
Precious part on
Your body
And then turned my back
After your servant
I repent my Princess

The number of days
I have been far away
From you
Have been filled
Regret and disappointment
I repent my Princess

Many months have passed
It wont be the same
As it was
As many things have
Changed and you had
Moved on
But still
I have hopes that
You will forgive
I repent my Princess

I'm ready to face death sentence
Or even strive with
Till my death
If that is the only way
My repentance
Can be
I repent my Princess



He has all the qualities
To win the
Not only in his home region
But also
In the whole country
He calls self a
And that's what truly he is

He is loving and caring
To all
He helps not only
To mosques and churches
But also to the
Common mwananchi
Mama mboga
Truly he is ahustler

He gave motorbikes
To our bodaboda
To the local communities
He walks
In the streets and roads
The common mwanachi
Truly he is ahustler

With all the qualities
And some have not
I ask is he not fit for the title?
The next leader of
The republic



They say politics is
A bad master
You ask why they say
There is misuse of
Resources and
Distortion of homes
They forget that
It's there constitutional right

Moreover it enables
To elect there preffered
Candidate according
There own tastes
But not all think at that angle
Infact they dream about
Violence and political wars
Forgetting that
Its there constitutional right

Or is it because
They were not there
When others were
Fighting for independence
That is
There constitutional right
Not fearing to loose there
Loved ones



I have laid many
In the sand
Due to my presence
Not spared any
Not only old
But also young
Everybody fears me

When I strike
I leave no stone unturned
Many pray to the
For my demise
Forgetting that
Is also my master

Wherever I strike
I leave the owner
And finally
That's why they fear me

I have made
Famous infront
Of the rich
Forcing them
To be there
Oh truly  I have become
The enemy of many



People have died
In large quantities
From different countries
I have been there
To those who refused
To take caution

I'm proud to be a virus
Being able to move
In air from one
Human to another
Found everywhere
Not only in the spatum
But also in the space

I fear those who
Wears masks
Keep social distance
I salute them
They make my life
And make me



I walked through the
Saharan desert
Traversing the sand dunes
The hot valleys
Day in day night
Searching for the gold ores
In vain

I came to a halt near a borehole
Filled with thirsty and hunger
Totally confused in that afternoon
The sun overhead smiling at me
While its rays shook hands
With my bald head forming agreement
Devastated looked down the hole
To see if I could get anything
Either water to quench my thirst
Or gold to satisfy my lust

But I stood perplexed not
Believing my eyes of what
I saw I had to breath in
And out several times
As I could die out of joy
Shiny yellow bright specks
Found there way out of
The borehole through the
Rock crevices saying hi to mr sun

Took a stape closer and observed
It was really gold but the borehole
Was about fifteen metres deep
I sat down cracking my brains
Thinking it over and over again
I came all along without surbodinates
How was I going to excavate
And transport the gold all alone

I decided to scoop a kilogram
Of the gold ore and cover
The remaining with sand
And returned back to the capital
Looking for subordinates to
Go with and finish the excavation
But on my surprise on reaching
The desert Could not be able to
Trace the borehole and that's why
Am still moving around the desert
Searching for gold.



Many have woken up with great tasks ahead
Some are employed,self employed and
Others jobless,infact most of them are
A sleep but they are walking confused
Not knowing what to do and where to do
And these creates what we call the
Bitter part of life.

Many teenagers have died while some
Loose focus due to venturing into an
Affair especially love affair ending up
Leaving poor all there lives fussing
And muttering expletives.Cursing the
Almighty for all those problems ahead
Of them forgetting that these is part of
Bitter part of life.

Many Countries have been trying to
Improve there technologies and there
Democracy.Some have succeeded in
There visions while some are struggling
While others have failed to meet there
Goals ,plans and vision they had although
They have the capabilities but still fail
These is because they have forgotten
That life has got the dark part of it.


Joseph C Ogbonna

 Alexis Karpouzos

I know that I shall meet my shadow,  one day, is our fate. I know that, someday,  the light ends for us and the deadly gravity will absorb us. But then, without space and time, without life and death, the infinite pieces will be reunited,  a deeper union through the tranquility of silence will be born. And again,  a magician spark will shine and a ocean of souls will flood the universe and will give birth to stars and grief.  And maybe,  just maybe,  in another heaven,  my dreams will be your dreams.  You see, everything repeats itself and everything will be reincarnated in different forms. An incredible miracle, carefree,  and we live in it. Please,  stand still and breath the generosity of the miracle.  The miracle is folded into your heart. 


Marie-Rose de Beauharnais


To what shall I like thee?

An angel in realms above,

A mermaid in Oceans beneath,

A costly stone in the fiercest 

Contention sought for,

Or even a costly diamond in the

Earth's elusive epicentre buried?

Your beauty is a turning point

Reference in your amazing book

Of Chronicles.


Beauty's Vanity and Worthlessness


Though I style my curly braids with ribbons bright,

And colour my sweet moist lips with royal red,

To look as bright and fair as a newly wed.

Though I stand on two towers to get a better height,

With eye lashes that beckon at each gazer.

Though my trendy gowns make me a trailblazer

With great designer labels that distinguish.

Though I have curves which men wished they could relish,

Revealed slightly through my scantily clad frame.

Though I have this charm which could hardened hearts tame,

Making vicious criminals to dream and lust,

Still I am nothing more than organic dust.


A Love Dream At The Beach


On a summer day I saw a pretty dame
bathing in the warm waves of the beach's tub.
She tanned her skin to adorn her slim frame,
massaging its softness with each gentle rub.
From that distance, she exuded sweet fragrance
stemming from the refining of her radiance.
Sensual movements from lips, hips, curves, legs and hands
made me fantasize as I relished each moment.
My love-struck eyes gazed at the rhythmic movement
of this scantily clad model for all lands.
After a sunbath, she tied her pristine towel,
then with a fixed look, she gazed straight at me.
'Hello, the adventurous gentleman,' said she.
'You sure look gay, hale, hearty and swell.'
Shyly my fears of rejection loomed large,
whilst my love dreams turned out to be a mirage.

Poem by Theodora Oniceanu

Poems by  Lambert Logic

Dear Old Friend

Ode to Gerald R. Smith



Your time on this earth is no more

He called you home to that beautiful shore


Good Bye dear friend, so hard to let you go

You are so loved by everyone you know


Leaving us alone has caused such great sorrow

You'll live in our hearts today and every tomorrow


We will never forget your kindness, compassion and heart of gold

Your family and friends will not allow your legacy to go untold


Watch over all of us from your place above

Know our hearts are breaking and full of love


We must carry on each day with our love we do send

Till we meet again, Good Bye Dear Old Friend






Leaden sky blanket of soaked thoughts

Adding wars back, 

Giving the pale impression of illness, 

Enthusiastic thunders, 

Changing weather, 

Swirl of birds

Darkness reflection of a world beyond


Changing weather, 

Prosaic surfing, swivel, 

Swirl of conspiracy


Conspicuously visible, 

Relented turf

In a bout of self-pity.

Awake from this tragedy

Of disillusion

Finding the way to a clean resolution. 

Enjoyment of theories


Look for heaven. 

Where is my perfect heaven?!


Theodora Oniceanu



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Mother's Day Poem


Mom, today is your special day

Please listen, I have something to say


Please be patient because mistakes I will make

But in the end, it's the right path I will take


I am growing, learning and finding my way

I want to make you proud of me everyday


You are always there to catch me when I fall

You pick me up and make me feel tall


When I am sick and feeling down

You are the one I want to be around


All my pain you cannot take away

But your love is with me every step of the way


There is so much love I feel in my heart

It makes me sad when we have to part


There is something that I want you to know

My love for you will always grow


You are the very best, like no other

I am so happy I get to call you mother!



  The Lord Will Say  . . .


When your day is slowly unfolding

It’s your hand I will always be holding

Think of Me, Think of Me, Think of Me ...


When all you feel is despair

You know that I truly care

Think of Me, Think of Me, Think of Me ...


When all you want to do is cry

I will give you the courage to try

Think of Me, Think of Me, Think of Me ...


When you think you have lost all hope

I will give you the wisdom to cope

Think of Me, Think of Me, Think of Me ...


When life makes you feel weak

I will give you the strength that you seek

Think of Me, Think of Me, Think of Me ...


When you feel you just can’t go on

My love will make you strong

Think of Me, Think of Me, Think of Me ...


When life becomes too demanding

I’ll show you the path to understanding

Think of Me, Think of Me, Think of Me ...


When your heart is filled with pain

I’ll give you the will to go on again

Think of Me, Think of Me, Think of Me ...


When hurt always ends in fears

I will be there to wipe away your tears

Think of Me, Think of Me, Think of Me ...


When your mind is filled with doubt

I will always show you the way out

Think of Me, Think of Me, Think of Me ...


When sadness has taken over your day

I will listen to you when you pray

Think of Me, Think of Me, Think of Me ...


When your cross is too heavy to bear

You know that I will always be there

Think of Me, Think of Me, Think of Me ...


When you think you have lost your way

It is with Me you should always stay

Think of Me, Think of Me, Think of Me ...



My Life

I will not miss any silent of success that can bring some clues

I dare on not to follow other people who are against rules

I own my heart with so much love. There can be some balance of glad

All the time that passes are the real life where I am getting old

All that I miss are not for singing what you want to sing for growth

The life that I wanted is to earn, travel and fly like a moth

Winter is my style for high fashion trend and bikinis are hot

Treasures are always for beginners who are always on the spot.


Marian Elaine C. Borja



Marian Elaine C. Borja

I've Seen You Before


I know that I knew you with flowers around your head

There will be times where we can get in our way instead

I love the way you speak with me

Explore some issues that are free

Making shipments that are dear to me forever

Relaxing our mind where we can be together

All I want is to complete

I know that I can compete

I am complete when you needed me to come here

I am aware when you hint an atmosphere

I love your dress

It lessens my distress

I knew what you want just say a word now

I will listen to you and make a bow

Maybe we can do

Something for you too.


Marian Elaine C. Borja


Poem by ©Kenneth Maswabi

The story of the Moon


In not so distant past

The Moon was a young girl

Blessed with beauty and exuberance

She was the talk of town

And all suitors were too shy to approach her

The Moon was looking forward to meeting Earth

But Earth was consumed by selfishness

He did not want to share his waters and beautiful sky

He only wanted the Moon to be his lover

He was not prepared to settle down

Marriage was not his kind of thing

He was full of pride, handsome and wealthy

The Moon was hurt and lonely

She started a conversation with the Sun

She just wanted to borrow some sunlight

Thinking that she will impress Earth

But the Sun wanted more

The Sun was hot tempered and short-tempered

He was not prepared for a long distance relationship

And he only wanted a no strings attached relationship

The Moon was kind of lost

She really needed the sunlight

And she relented to the Sun’s hot pursuit

She was kind of thrilled by this mysterious wild Man

But deep down, she felt sad

She really wanted Earth to know how much she felt about him

She was adamant that Earth was her soulmate

Meanwhile her relationship with Sun blossomed

And soon the Moon was pregnant with Light

The Moon gave birth to a healthy bouncing baby

They called her Moonlight

In the wee hours of the night

Baby Moonlight went to sleep

It was a beautiful and exciting day

But there was a condition

The Sun did not want competition

He banished baby Moonlight to the night

From then onwards, baby Moonlight will only be seen at certain times of the night

Sometimes in the darkest hours of the night

The Moon was not impressed

That she asked Moonlight to pour her light on Earth

So that she can see him sleeping through the window of his beautiful sky

This is the story of the Moon and the two gentlemen who broke her heart




The Story of the Moon Continued…


In her celestial beauty

She is not wearing any dress or night gown

She is happily wearing a sacred garment of light

It is a thin veil of the most radiant beauty

That penetrates the solid bone of our psyche

Producing a rare form of peace and harmony in our hearts

The moon is naked in her sacred celestial beauty

Totally devoid of any man-made costumes

The moon looks at us with total disbelief

As we feed our souls with pollution and garbage

Poisoning the essence of our being

But the story of the moon is not a story of sadness

It is a story of courage amidst adversities

It is a story of survival and conquering the inner self

The moon has erased all forms of ego from her face

And embraced her inner beauty

She has dedicated her whole life

To bringing light to our darkest hours

Even if it does not bring any tangible benefits to her

She has committed herself to love Earth unconditionally

With no strings attached

She has adopted the kingdom of flora and fauna

Submerging it in her sanctified beauty

She has achieved the state of a goddess

Not because she wants to be worshipped

But because she represents humility, peace and selflessness

She is the beauty in our night sky

The angel of light and the epitome of hope


©Kenneth Maswabi



From the banks of Mbashe

And the village of Mvezo

With the passion for healing hearts;

You sacrificed to restore:

Equality, Peace, and Human rights.

An ordeal we cannot forget in haste.


Now you are gone

To rest in the world beyond

Now we see the ordeal you fought against

Flashing back to our faces


Our rights have been taken away

And our mouths sealed unto darkness

Our Peace has been traded for gold

And the sound of the gun

A crow to signal daybreak.


Who will stand for our Peace?

Who will stand for our equality?

Who will make justice our daily bread?

And Human Rights, a policy to observe.


We need another Mandela

We need another Mandela

We need Equality, justice, and Human Rights respected

We need our children to get Education,

A tool they would use to change the world

We need Peace

We need another Mandela.

Ngoe Fabian Sonestone



Sweet, gentle comforter

Thou meddle with my soul

And train it for thy purposes

To give it joy at last

Where Eternity dwells


It might not be secret to me

But the well that you will dig

Will bring forth clean and pure water

Fit to give life a meaning

And to set a soul to rest


Never let me shout

Noh, scream without a rhyme

The rhythm makes me smile

Even when I bear a burden.




I know a King “Celestial.”

He creates marvelously

More than a brain’s intuition


Living in the great beyond, with none to be of voluntary service,

He got into his depths and manufactured another of his kind

With a spectacular mechanism

In a moment, he hid in his creature and gave it life.


I know of this being

My eyes haven’t seen him

But my senses do yet know him


I also know he is searching for his creature to know he is within it

And seeks to be found so that he can bring forth his reactivations

And make his handmaid powerful and shiny as the light.

I know of him who lives in the great beyond

His name I know as Yeshua.