There are many free open-source sites that will teach you the fundamentals of programming necessary to create your first mobile app. It does help if you have some knowledge of programming concepts. Here is a list of a few good sites to use to create your first app:

There are some excellent website to learn programming concept. You can bookmark these sites and return to them for useful information as you build your first mobile application.

This website was created by Water Block Sean using free Google Sites.

If you have a questions  feel free to contact me via email. 

Enjoy your day ...

In my opinion, Infolinks is one of the best, and quickest ways to monetize your website.  The sign up and approval process is quick and easy .  As soon as you are approved, you will be given code to add to your website and ads will start showing immediately.  Inforlinks allows for customization and you can also choose where ads will appear on your site.   I advise you resesarch thoroughly and read all the information available to make an educated decision.




You decided to create a website, so now you need to make some decisions!  I will guide you through some questions and answers with the knowledge I gaind through the research I have done to create this website.

Free or Paid Website?

To decide whether you need a free or paid website, you need to identify the purpose of your website.  Free website are available but there are limitations to what they offer you.  Most web hosting sites offer free websites but you will always have to pay for web hosting. 


To create a free website you can  just type "free website builder" in Google and choose which ever one appeals to your needs.  Here is a list of some free websites:


Free Websites
Paid Hosting Website

Why would I pay for a website when I can build a website for free? As previsously stated, it depends on the purpose of your website.  If you wish to moneetize your website to earn revenue then you must go with a paid web hosting site.   With a paid Web Hosting site, like the one I am using now (, you are able to use products like Google Adsense .  Google Adsense will pay you to allow them to put advertizing on your website.  Your website must first be approved by Google Adsense.  Once you are approved you can start earning revenue.


There are other alternaties to Google Adsense.  I encourage you to do research before you choose  whom you will allow to  monetizing your website.  A list of alternatibes are:


Congratulations! You created an app and now you want to earn revenue.

Now you must decide whether to have a "paid" app or a "free" app.  You may wonder why you would give your app away for free, especially after all the gurelling hours you put into creating your app.   There are pros and cons to both sides.

Paid App
Free  App

If you decide that you want to publish your app then you will need to a set a price for your app.   That is totally your decisions.  You may do some research and see what other people are charging for apps similiar to yours.  If you decide to publish with Google Play, you can set a price and then change the price later if you wish.  You may later decide to publish your app for free and earn revnue by allowing advertizing on your app.  If you are unsure if you should have a free or paid app, then start with the paid app.  You can always switche to a free app later, but if you start with a free app in Google Play then you cannot switch back to paid unless you resubmit the app with a new package name.

If  you decide you want to publish your app for free, you can earn revenu by allowing advertizing on your app.  You can use Admob to help generate revenue.  To use admob you need to add code to your app and republish with the added code.  Remember it takes a while for you app to strart marking revenue.  You could also use Adwords to help your advertize your app.

Google has an excellent site to help you with your application.